Pratnja izvanrednog prijevoza

Escort of special transport

We organize and obtain permits for oversized transport in all countries of former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia). When necesarry, we also organise technical escort of special transport in these countries. Moreover, we organise a police escort for oversized and overweight cargo as well if the situation requires one.

Our licensed drivers with many years of experience complete the technical escorts in highly adapted, specially equipped pilot cars which fulfil an extensive list of requirements for technical escorts.

As licenced intermediaries in special transport of oversized cargo and international road transport, we offer the following services to our clients:

  • Obtaining special permits and all other approvals for special transport in Croatia and Europe (highways, state and city roads often require separate permits)
  • Organizing your transport of overweight and special cargo based on instructions from the permit to prevent issues and delays
  • Escort of oversized transport with our specialised pilot vehicles
  • Organizing police escort (if necessary)
  • Detailed discussion and extensive advice on the itinerary and route selection
  • Organizing cranes for loading and unloading of vessels

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